EasyRack Kitchen
EasyRack Kitchen is a useful and innovative frame equipped for the kitchen island or wall top. It consists of a frame made of epoxy painted aluminum with a stainless steel draining bottom directly connected to the sink drain pipe. The EasyRack can be configured with various accessories with various useful functions for equipping the kitchen.

Two types:
Step with 20 mm high edge on the support surface
Flat with semi-flush top (2 mm high edge)

Three paint colors:
white, black or stainless steel grey

Available in different lengths, from 30 to 300 cm which combine with the modularity of the accessories to be inserted freely according to your needs.
The accessories, in modules of 15, 30, 45 or 60 cm, have an aluminum lid in the same finish as the frame or are in Corian (white or black). The trays (where provided) are made of stainless steel and the internal components are in Corian.

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